Aspen Fresh Skincare is an Elite anti aging skin care line. Based on the Science of Success, Aspen Fresh delivers a complete line of defense against the constant barrage of oxidizing aging effects of everyday life on your skin. JL uses Results based anti-oxidants components including l-ascorbic c, ferulic acid, niacinamide and green tea protectants that reduce skin damage from free radicals and combats aging effects from exposure to toxins.

Aspen Skincare delivers your product fresh and at optimum efficiency for maximum results.
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JL incorporates the most important collagen enhancing ingredients. Customized cell messenger proteins such as peptides and epidermal growth factors that stimulate cell growth. The use of many of these skincare products can be traced back to a pioneering study that appeared in July 1989 in the New England Journal Of Medicine. This study showed that topical application of an epidermal growth factor accelerates the the rate of collagen production, improves skin’s thickness & increases firmness!

Based on findings, Jl skincare line encompasses a comprehensive list of effective anti aging ingredients in our products. JL peptides and other ingredients contain these epidermal growth factors which can turn over dying skin cells eight times faster than normal skin can. JL Skincare consistently carries a higher concentration of wrinkle fighting ingredients than most any other product on the market.